This type of care falls into two main categories. Firstly, it caters for people who are usually looked after by a family member or professional carer in their own home, and where the carer wishes to take a holiday, a short break, or time off during the year.

Short term respite care allows the carer to relax in the safe knowledge that their relative, friend or patient is in a safe and friendly environment with 24-hour care during their temporary absence. As a bonus, the patient will often feel that they have had a holiday as well!Short-term respite care is also for people who leave hospital requiring a period of convalescence before they can return to their home. With 24-hour GP cover and professional registered nurses on site round the clock, we have the necessary facilities to aid convalescence together with Occupational and Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy and other services that will allow a smooth transition from hospital to home.

Respite stays also allow the building of a relationship between our temporary guests, the Home and our staff that can be a comfort should a permanent stay become necessary in the future.